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Never Again Fail To Get Everything Done!

Most people lose track of things because they fail to design their process.
The Deal Process Tracker gives you a tool for designing and managing any process. 
With it you layout a process, project, or team procedures with complete impeccability and certainty.
Then this tool gives you the ability to track what gets done and who gets it done so that everything gets done on time.

We invite you to explore how you can create and manage a process more effectively.
Our promise is you will never fail to remember everything and make sure it all gets done!


Deal Process Tracker

Install a process tracking tool so everything gets done on time by you and others.  


The Deal Process Tracker makes it possible to design an operational, project, or team process that you can the team members accountable can track each step as it gets completed and who is responsible for getting each step completed. Such a process may be a project or a deal with a client, or a protocol to be followed by a team. By tracking and providing a place for team members to indicate that their part has been completed on time as promised. In a high performance team situation failing to track the people’s responsibility for those actions puts the process, project or deal at risk of not getting do successfully. The Strategic Game Designer lays out a map of future possibilities and specific actions in time. The Deal Process Tracker is used to make sure everything is done by everyone responsible so that everyone who is  accountable for a part of the process can manage it effectively. 

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